Created in 1981, this company provides water and wastewater services to millions of residents of one of Europe’s largest and fastest-growing cities. It is under pressure to provide water to ever-higher standards and to become more cost-efficient, while coping with increasing demand. Its large network of pumping stations and treatment works are spread across a wide area.


The company has embarked on a number of initiatives to drive down costs and improve performance, including the critical need to move away from a breakdown maintenance strategy to condition monitoring. As part of this program, maintenance staff were challenged to reduce equipment downtime significantly while alsoreducing their annual maintenance spend. Critical assets are located in very different environments, some in remote and inaccessible areas, and many others right in the heart of densely-populated areas that can only be accessed through traffic-choked streets.


Senior specialists for the network carried out a detailed analysis of condition monitoring technologies that would allow them to improve performance of their key assets. Critical factors in their selection of Artesis MCM were:

  • Ability to provide monitoring and diagnostics for both pumps and the motors driving them
  • Ease of retrofitting to installed pumps
  • Clear and early warning of developing faults
  • Combination of local displays for onsite staff with remote, central monitoring


Within a month of the installation of the Artesis MCM system, it accurately diagnosed a fault on a critical non-return valve, allowing for timely correction and avoiding a breakdown. This increased confidence in the capabilities of the system, which local and central staff increasingly relied on for predictive assessments.

In the first year of operations, the division was able to reduce maintenance costs by 10%through avoidance of breakdowns and reductions in spare parts. MCM is now being retrofitted across the organisation, and is also part of the standard design specification for new installations.