Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)

The Artesis predictive maintenance system uses a range of intelligent monitor units to detect any changes in the condition of electric motor-driven equipment as well as generators and alternators, and provide automated fault diagnosis. Each intelligent monitor unit, known as a Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) or Plant Condition Monitor (PCM), uses an advanced technique known as model-based fault detection to allow fully automated setup and analysis. This allows the system to operate effectively with minimum user intervention, even when applied to equipment with varying speed and load conditions.

The processing system used in MCMs and PCMs provides a level of condition monitoring cover that equals or exceeds that of much more complex systems, at a fraction of the effort and cost. Connection is required only to the motor or generator supply cables, with no need for specialist sensors on the equipment itself. This approach is attractive to many OEMs who see significant benefits in including such capabilities in their own control or monitoring systems.

Artesis is very enthusiastic to help companies add our technology to their products, and has produced the MCM System on a Card (MCMSoC) to simplify the integration process. MCMSoC provides the functionality of MCM in a single 40 pin PCB measuring 40mm x 50mm. It requires only six analog inputs representing three phase currents and voltages, and communicates using a high speed serial I/O port. A custom development package is available to allow in-circuit emulation.

The MCMSoC is suitable for integration into a wide range of devices such as motor protection relays, current and circuit analyzers, power quality analyzers, test equipment, event recorders, contactors, inverters, soft starters, and condition monitoring systems. Integrated with such devices, the cost effectiveness of the Artesis system can be even more compelling for many customers.

Please contact us at Artesis for assistance in developing your integration program.