Artesis offers a range of training courses to help you maximise the value of your system as quickly as possible. These courses are typically organised for groups of 6 to 20 attendees and may be organised on an in-house or public basis.

Introductory Course (Half Day)

This provides the majority of users with sufficient knowledge to understand and operate the Artesis system, and is also suitable for managers of more advanced users. In addition to covering principles of operation of each part of the system, it also deals with implications for your maintenance strategy and how you can achieve benefits quickly.

Installation, Commissioning, and Configuration Course (One Day)

This course is aimed at engineers and technicians who will be responsible for installing and commissioning the Artesis system. Attendees are required to participate in the Introductory Course in advance of this session. The selection of MCM and PCM monitors for specific equipment, and the design of complete systems (including sensor and communications options) is a major topic. Installation and commissioning of MCM and PCM monitors and software is taught in practical hands-on sessions with exercises to build confidence. Participants then learn how to generate condition reports that communicate the results produced by the system to the full range of users.

Power Users and Diagnosticians Course (One Day)

Although the Artesis predictive maintenance system typically requires little analysis by users, some will want to use the information it provides for more than guidance of immediate maintenance actions. This course (for which attendees are required to have participated in both the Introductory and Installation, Commissioning, and Configuration Courses) is aimed at staff who are involved in plant or process redesign or performance improvement projects. The basics of availability, reliability, and maintainability are reviewed to establish a clear context for the potential benefits of predictive maintenance. Diagnostic methods, both in general and as implemented in the Artesis system, are covered in detail. Finally, participants learn how to use the results of diagnostic and prognostic analysis to enable significant plant performance improvements.