Remote Monitoring

The Artesis predictive maintenance system is designed to provide actionable maintenance information with very little analysis by the user. However, many customers have appreciated the additional benefits of our Remote Monitoring service. This is available at a number of different levels, depending on the requirements of each customer, and is subject to a 12 month contract.

Bronze Level Remote Monitoring

At this most basic level, you send us data from the Artesis system by email when you encounter a problem on a specific item of equipment. We then analyze your data and provide you with a diagnostic report.

Silver Level Remote Monitoring

Data from the Artesis system is emailed to us on a weekly basis, covering an predefined range of equipment. Diagnostic reports are then sent to you to identify remedial actions.

Gold Level Remote Monitoring

This on-line service requires your Artesis system to be connected to our offices by Internet-based communications. We then provide round-the-clock monitoring, notifying you immediately of any alerts with a diagnostic summary. Weekly diagnostic reports are also provided. An Artesis analyst will also be available for telephone support during normal working hours.

Platinum Level Remote Monitoring

Building on the benefits of Gold Level Monitoring, this provides unlimited in-depth diagnosis and explanations of all reading for any problems identified.