Installation & Commissioning

Artesis predictive maintenance systems are specifically designed to be easy to install and commission, and this work is often carried out by the customer’s own staff on completion of the appropriate training course. We also offer a full installation and commissioning service covering the three key stages of system implementation:

Scheme Design

To ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved from the Artesis system it is important to have a clear understanding of the requirements, so that the most effective layout can be designed. Our Scheme Design service defines each component of the new system, including communications with software packages, and integrates them into an optimised system.


Our Installation service covers the fitting of all current transformers or transducers, voltage transformers (if required), the mounting of MCM and PCM monitor units, communications cabling, and installation and configuration of MCMSADA software. This service is carried out by competent persons with appropriate insurance cover.


During commissioning, each MCM and PCM monitoring unit is set up and started in training mode. Communication with MCMSCADA software is established, and actions to be taken on alert are determined. At the end of the commissioning process, the system will function fully in accordance with the Scheme Design.