Condition Monitoring

The benefits of using condition monitoring as part of a predictive maintenance program have been well-understood for many years. A wide range of measurement technologies have been developed to allow the approach to be applied to a very wide range of critical equipment.

However, many people find the complexity and cost of condition monitoring systems too high even when they understand the benefits. Conventional systems have often seemed complicated to install and set up, and have expected the user to have high levels of expertise in order to interpret measurements correctly.

Artesis systems are specifically designed to provide all the benefits of condition monitoring, at a fraction of the effort and cost. Because monitors are installed in or near control cabinets, cable runs are very short and there are no sensors to be installed on the equipment itself. The system is self-training, and provides automated diagnosis of a wide range of electrical and mechanical faults.

For existing users of condition monitoring, the Artesis system can provide cover for equipment that is difficult to protect in any other way. Submersible or downhole pumps, tower fans, and many types of remote or inaccessible assets can be included in an integrated system.

Although the Artesis system provides automated fault diagnosis, more expert analysts can download all types of information (including the measured voltage and current traces themselves) for more detailed interpretation if necessary. The system can be integrated with existing condition monitoring technologies to provide extensive monitoring capabilities.