Automotive Parts


This company is a manufacturer of automotive parts to Toyota, Honda, and Daimler Chrysler. Such customers demand that its complex sound insulation products combine exceptionally high quality with competitive costs. Lean manufacturing methods have been effectively combined with advanced technology to build on their position as a major global partner.


Productivity at this company is critically reliant on the reliability of its manufacturing machinery. Although the maintenance team had implemented a rigorous planned maintenance program on critical pumps, presses, compressors and waterjet cutters, the failure rate continued at an unacceptable level that required emergency repairs on a daily basis. As well as impacting availability, this also meant that the maintenance technicians were forced to focus on constant breakdowns rather than process improvements.


The maintenance team had a good understanding of the potential benefits of condition monitoring. As well as allowing them to reduce downtime costs, this could also free them from the need for frequent emergency repairs so that they could focus on major reliability improvements. They selected Artesis MCM after an extensive review process because it provided the results they needed without the complexity and cost of more traditional approaches. It was also able to provide diagnostic information directly to their maintenance management system for immediate action.


After less than a year of use, Artesis MCM has helped this company to cut unplanned downtime to less than 1%-a performance that has been instrumental in meeting the requirements of the ISO TS 16949 quality certificate, as well as an A class supplier rating from Daimler Chrysler. The initial Artesis MCM installation paid for itself comfortably within the first year, leading to a further installation at a second plant. Many other parts of the group have recognised the accomplishment of the condition monitoring team and are in the process of establishing similar programs.